About Taurus

Taurus is your first call for all of your commercial painting and decorating needs and projects. At Taurus, we pride ourselves on being able to offer all of our clients full UK coverage. Our professional service is catered mainly to higher-end clients, however, no job is to big or small for us.

Our Mission

At Taurus, we always aim to make a positive difference to all of our clients properties and build long-lasting relationships based on trust and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing only the highest levels of work and customer satisfaction on any projects that we undertake.

Our Strategy

Our industry is constantly changing and we always try and be ahead of the curve to ensure we can provide outstanding service.

Project Planning Steps

Why Choose Us?


We always strive to provide our customers with an outstanding experience from start to finish.


Our team at Taurus are fully trained and experienced in all areas of commercial painting and decorating.


We are a passionate and vibrant company which allows our team to continually thrive.


With our unique combination of qualities, our team have a unique approach when undertaking projects.


Our energetic team aim to meet any promised deadlines for all projects which we undertake.


We are very proud of our reputation and are always open and honest in all communication with our clients.


We are experts at our craft and always make sure projects are completed safely and correctly.


When you choose us, we can guarantee that only the highest quality of service is provided.